The aim of establishment

Rice has supported the Japanese diet since ancient times. Brown rice contains functional substances such as GABA in recent studies in addition to dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins, and has been found to have an antioxidant function. In particular, it has also been found that it has the effect of maintaining the intestinal microflora (intestinal flora) well, enhances immune function, and contributes to healthy longevity. In researching functional component analysis and processing methods, “wax-cut brown rice” from which only the wax part of brown rice has been removed and “low-protein brown rice” from which most of the protein has been removed have been developed.

Ingestion of brown rice is expected to improve the intestinal environment, reduce obesity, lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes, preserve renal function, prevent dementia, and promote joint research with healthcare professionals. The rice processed so that the ingredients can be ingested effectively will be spread as “Medical Rice”.
For example, using medical rice for chronic kidney disease, which reduced protein to less than one-twentieth of normal, in the diet, prevents people who are not diseased from falling into a state of disease requiring dialysis, Contribute to curbing the increase in medical expenses for society as a whole.
Such a review of the utility of rice from a medical point of view will add new value to rice in the country and will greatly encourage the agricultural community involved in it.

On the other hand, looking overseas, each country is expected to see an increase in medical expenses as the society ages, and is looking for measures to avoid this. He has taken great interest in the functionality of brown rice and is starting a similar approach.
Under these circumstances, the Association has standardized medical rice standards with the cooperation of researchers, farmers, distribution processors and consumers in Japan, and based on evidence on health, disease prevention and dietary treatment. In this way, we will promote health promotion and rice field agriculture in the entire Japanese society.