Rice has been supporting the Japanese diet since ancient times. Brown rice has the ideal mix of amino acids and fats and oils in addition to dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins. Recent research has revealed that it contains functional substances such as gamma oryzanol and GABA, and has an antioxidant function. In particular, it has been found that it has an effect of maintaining the intestinal microflora (intestinal flora) well, prevents constipation and improves the intestinal environment, thereby enhancing immune function and contributing to longevity of health. It has already been reported that obesity is reduced, blood pressure is reduced, diabetes is prevented, kidney function is preserved, and dementia is prevented.

The Society has elucidated the rice function from the medical point of view of rice, which has supported the diet of Japanese people, and certified those that have demonstrated human health effects as medical rice, and by disseminating it, it has become more disease-free. I want to contribute to improving the health of Japanese society by guiding people to health.

Paddy field agriculture, which produces safe and secure rice, revitalizes the local community and helps preserve the environment. While studying the analysis and processing methods of functional ingredients, “ wax-cut brown rice ”, which removes only the wax part of brown rice, and “ low protein brown rice, ” which removes most of the protein, have been developed. You can expect the development of rice products with various functions.

Looking overseas, medical expenses are expected to increase with the aging of society in all countries, and measures to avoid this are being sought.In China and Thailand, where rice is a staple food, the function of brown rice is We have begun a similar initiative with great interest in gender.

Under these circumstances, the Association wants to bring together the powers of Japanese researchers, farmers, distribution processors and consumers to create integrated knowledge and foster the next generation of researchers. .

Eating is the basis of life. If you are interested, we encourage you to join us and have a healthy life.